"After all, to the well-organised mind, death is but the next great adventure" (J K Rowling)

Planning your own funeral or memorial service can bring you peace of mind, ensuring that nothing that is important to you will be left out.

You may wish to spare your loved ones many of the difficult and sometimes complicated decisions that need to be made.

I will meet with you to help you to plan and specify every detail; so that your ceremony is exactly the way you would wish it.

Together we can plan and document the type of service you want to have; whether it is cremation or burial; where you want to hold it; who you would like to attend and contribute; what music, readings or poems you likeā€¦.

I will spend time with you, listening to the stories you have to tell, so that together we can paint a vivid picture of your life, to be delivered as a tribute at your funeral.

Once you are completely happy with the ceremony we have planned, I will provide you with a presentation copy of it, for you to keep safely until the time arrives that it is needed.

(Please note, although I will make every effort to do so, I am unable to guarantee that I will be available to personally deliver your ceremony).